Real Estate Finance - Advisory Offers

Typical Real Estate Finance missions are:

  • RE Debt Advisory mission: refer to Debt Advisory section.
  • RE Credit Portfolio Review: analysis and advice on most appropriate corporate RE funding sources and structures considering RE portfolio characteristics, business plan and desired risk profile. Reduction of overall funding cost. Implementation of flexible debt solutions allowing to exploit current and/or future financial & credit market opportunities.
  • RE Refinance: advice on corporate refinancing strategy, process, timing, structuring and arrangement.
  • RE Acquisition and Development Finance: putting in place most appropriate financing structure taking into consideration both transaction features and existing debt structures. Funding formula, financing vehicle selection, tax and regulatory optimisation.
  • RE Debt Restructuring: re-negotiation of covenants, debt and hedging structures with lenders, stand still and inter-creditor agreement negotiation.
  • Interest Hedging: dynamic management of the fixed/floating IR mix depending on a.o. position and steepness of the yield curve, economic cycle, leverage, risk tolerance, debt maturity profile, covenant head room simulations.


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