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InStraFinA has been founded in 2009 in the middle of the financial crisis and credit crunch. In the day-to-day business practise of global banking & markets we saw that obtaining new credit facilities and refinancing existing one’s became increasingly challenging.

While before the crisis, the world was swimming in an abundance of liquidity and could benefit from a very competitive banking environment, we suddenly moved in the opposite direction. It was no longer easy to obtain funding, even for companies with an outstanding track record and a strong credit profile.

The financial turmoil incurred financial institutions with severe losses resulting in a need for balance sheet de-leveraging and affecting the availability and pricing of wholesale funding. The pan-European banking industry demonstrated extreme risk aversion resulting in a reduced funding availability, material increase of credit margins, higher collateral requirements, imposition of stringent covenants & documentation and loan tenor compression. In fact bank lending market shifted from a supplier into a demand market.

With upcoming new bank regulation (Basel III) imposing higher levels of better-quality capital and liquidity, the shift is expected to become structural.

Against this market background traditional approaches no longer guarantee an optimal outcome. InStraFinA commits to deliver informed, independent and objective advice resulting in multi-dimensional wins.


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